Hello, World!

My wife keeps giving me shit about wasting time writing these long, well-thought-out, carefully cited essays and then throwing them away on comments sections and facebook posts. So I’ll put them here instead.

This will be a really wide-ranging mishmash of facts, tutorials, and solutions to problems I’ve encountered. This is really just for me, but hopefully it will be helpful and interesting to someone else!

Topics I am likely to cover:

  • Gardening/farming
  • Cannabis
  • Recipes
  • Fermentation
  • Home brewing
  • PHP/MySQL/Wordpress tips and solutions
  • Other programming learnings
  • Random interesting facts/topics
  • Sustainability, esp food
  • Food politics
  • Ecology/ecophilosophy
  • Self-reliance skills
  • DIY building projects
  • Home repair
  • Gender musings
  • Feminisms
  • Sex ed, sex work, sexual politics
  • Obscure history, esp about ladies
  • Eastern religions
  • Mechanics
  • Grammar
  • Art
  • Video game design
  • Animal facts
  • General sciencey stuff
  • Occasional important but obscure political issues
  • Anything I spent a significant amount of time researching in my personal or professional lives

You can read more about the flavor and format of these posts on the About page. I think I’ll leave comments open, but if you’re looking to start an argument for argument’s sake or be “clever” somehow or otherwise annoy me then you’ll be insta-banned.

Thanks for reading!

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