I’m a jack-of-all trades collecting skills and information. I’m a grrrl and a boi. I’m gay as shit in all the ways. I enjoy being as well-informed and self-reliant as possible. I’m prone to obsessive new DIY hobbies. I’m a web developer and artist by trade. I’ve worked on ranches and I currently garden, but I hope to own my own farm someday soon. I’m given to excessive parentheticals.

I’m better at remembering ideas and broad concepts than I am at remembering details. I tend to research things very carefully before I form my opinions, and once they are established I defend them passionately. Alas, I have ADHD, and I generally forget the nitty gritty details of how I came to that opinion in the first place. I want this blog to help keep track of said details and serve as a reference for myself and, hopefully, educate others as well.

Happy reading!