Comment Policy

Number 1 Rule: BE NICE

This is my house, you do what I want! I’m a nice person, and sometimes overly-so, but I only have so many fucks to give, and this blog is for me, not you. You will probably be insta-banned if:

  • You’re looking to start an argument for argument’s sake. I’m not an idiot; I can fucking tell. This includes any and all mansplaining, concern trolling, or Devil’s Advocacy.
  • You feel the need to “call out” me or anyone else. You are welcome to provide counter-experiences and/or new information, but call outs are nothing but bullshit ego trips. Take your self-righteous self-fellating to Tumblr.
  • You’re trying to be “clever” somehow.
  • You’re talking shit about things/people which I have made clear that I like.
  • You’re fucking crazy.
  • You otherwise annoy me enough. Good ways to annoy me include being a dick, being a sexist dick, being a racist dick, being a Libertarian, being a fucking idiot, spamming (of any sort), really excessive commenting, being really fucking wrong while thinking you know what you’re talking about, giving me your unhelpful fucking opinions about how I like to do things, overly negative attitudes, and general dumbassery. You can be a homophobic dick if you want because we’ve already won that war and I enjoy making you look like an idiot. But when I get tired of you, you’ll be banned.

Constructive feedback, intelligent challenges, and friendly attitudes are always welcome, and you will get a lot of leeway from me if you are generally pleasant, even if I strongly disagree with you. If your comment adds something of value to the discussion or the world, you’re probably safe as long as you’re making an effort to be nice.