Securing a USB Thumb Drive

Padlock and Chain

The more I learn about information security, the more paranoid I get. It is so, SO easy to get hacked, you guys. One point of security concern I’ve been thinking about recently is the USB thumb drive. We often carry around all kinds of sensitive information and files on these oh-so-losable, bite-size bits of technology. Recently I thought to myself, ‘My Kali Linux LiveUSB is encrypted; why not all of my thumb drives (or at least a few important ones)?’

It turns out creating a portable, cross-OS encrypted thumb drive is not quite as easy as just setting a password and clicking a button, but it’s not hard either. I’m going to be using VeraCrypt since it is Open Source and works on all platforms. If you’re on Linux and don’t need compatibility with other OS’s, you can also do all of this from the command line, but for now I’m sticking with this easy-to-use GUI. I had a hard time gathering the instructions for all the different methods in one place, so I made this post to gather it together. Continue reading “Securing a USB Thumb Drive”