Tkinter Template

Ball python, Photo credit: Micheal McConville

Tkinter (a shortening of “Tk interface”) is the standard GUI package that comes with python. I’m using it to built my first non-web GUI. I may move to wxPython down the line, but Python 3.5 is not currently supported, Tkinter does what I need it to do, and since the inclusion of ttk (themed Tk), the styling of the widgets look just fine to my eye.

Tkinter documentation and help as far as best practices and design patterns is not particularly thorough or abundant (Tkdocs and effbot have been very helpful references, if not quite sufficient), so I thought I’d put down and share the basic template I wrangled together over a couple of days of learning. Especially because it can be hard to find simple, well-commented skeleton templates for good overall application organization, this is something that would have helped me a lot. I’ve kept all my application logic in other scripts, so this is just the GUI. I’ll probably update this as I learn more; visit the GitHub repository for updates.

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